Andro Semeiko

Glorious Departure, 2011

Oil on canvas

20 x 25cm

“In the works of Andro Semeiko, I sense a secret incommunicable conception of painting, that relates to the much-discussed principle about conformity of copies to the original, about resemblance to the invisible: to grasp in the sail the image of the banging wind, the lapping of the water in the water craft, the shifting light in the façades of the palaces; and the blending of the mists and waters along the fine thread of the horizon line, the intricate tangle of the clouds with the flight of birds, and the entwining of the vapours and wisps of smoke with the flags, banners and festoons. The transmission of qualities and attitudes, interchanging roles while obeying only the rules of the brush stroke.”

– Alberto Mugnaini, art critic, 2010

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